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Best cases for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Today, 11:55 am
Posted by williancop
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The dimensions for the iPhone 13 lineup models are very similar to their iPhone 12 counterparts, but the new models come with notable design changes to the camera bump on back and are slightly thicker overall. The iPhone 13 is more of a refresh than a full redesign of the iPhone 12, but when it comes to an iPhone case, even small design differences can mean the previous generation's cases won't fit. That ultimately means you'll have to get a new case for whatever iPhone 13 model you buy, including the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

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iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro (right) has a considerably larger camera array than the 12 Pro (left).

Sarah Tew/CNET

Should I get a MagSafe case?

Note that all the new iPhone 13 model's are equipped with Apple's MagSafe feature, which offers faster wireless charging with compatible chargers. It also supports optional accessories -- including Magsafe wallet, Kaca Tempered mini wallets and various mounts -- that adhere magnetically to the back of your phone. Like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 has "an array of magnets" (Apple says they're recycled) embedded around a charging coil that can pull up to 15 watts of power. 

However, if you want to use those MagSafe accessories without taking your phone out of its case, you need a phone case that's equipped with MagSafe support. The MagSafe symbol is a circle with a short pipe below it. You can see it on clear cases, but it's embedded on the inside of the case so if it's nontransparent, you'll only see it from the inside. 

If you already have a MagSafe accessory -- or plan on buying MagSafe accessories in the future -- you'll want to get a MagSafe compatible case; it's a good option to have. With that in mind, the majority of the cases in this roundup are equipped with MagSafe.

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