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Essential Tips to Take Good Care of Large Canvas Prints

Dec 9th 2021, 5:27 pm
Posted by danespellm

People who love art know its value very well.
They try there level best to maintain each piece of true art with great care but those who don't take proper care always get disappointed for the longer run. This is because the paintings give you long years of viewing pleasure only if you take proper care. So, let me help such people with my article and let them know what the basic tips are which they need to know while maintaining such masterpieces of art.

Handling and cleaning: If you are having Large Canvas Prints at your space, you need to handle them properly due to their large size. Even though these have specific coatings on the print but you are still advised not to touch that printed picture.
You must handle the piece with borders only as it will prevent any touch with the image. Apart from this, if your print has dust over it, don't make use of wet cloth or any such stuff which can destroy the beauty of your masterpiece. Always use a dirt free air compressor or any arid feather duster to clean its surface.

Displaying the prints: Sunlight which is very essential for us can harm these beautiful paintings. So, it is advised not to display these Large Canvas Prints in direct sunlight as it can eventually destroy the work of some great artists.
Moreover, you also need to avoid fluorescent lights as they give off enormous amounts of UV rays. Hence, the use of appropriate lights is the best way to take good care of your prints.

Stretching Print: Some people like the stretched prints whereas some don't like such pieces.

If you are the one who want stretched piece, make sure that you handle the picture appropriately. You can ask your framer to stretch your painting so that you can get a beautiful one carved for your house.

All these points are enough to help the customer for maintaining these wonderful art works.
However, there are some more tips which you need to know for protecting the canvas and these are:

Don't crease the canvas.

Do not spray liquid or any watery substance on the picture as it will shrink the canvas and damage its magnificence.

Don't use too sharp or pointed edges for stretching the canvas as it can spoil the coatings. You can use a slightly round edge for this purpose.

After following these suggested tips, you will see a new and unique masterpiece hanging on your Wall art prints with no signs of damage or scratch.
This will add more elegance to the interior of your space and let others praise for your ultimate choice.

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